RGA Skin and what your skin needs

Having worked with skin and skin health all my working life. I see so many complex products on the market. But when you actually break down what the skin needs to be healthy its quite simple. This was the reason we created RGA Skin. So we could offer great but simple skincare range to our clients and friends. Although as we age the skins needs change in terms of quantities required. The skin is a living, breathing, regenerating organ and its needs are simple. Some skins have problems and have break outs and over or under production of essential natural components. Then we class it as problem skin.


Keeping skin clean needs a good simple preparation product that you can use quickly and easily. A cleansing preparation needs to remove the dead skin traces of make up and out without causing dryness and stripping the skin. Too many harsh cleansers strip the natural oils from the skin. This causes a longer term effect of increased oil production. Skin tries to balance what is lost by simply producing more oil. Our preparation product is Prepare which is perfect for gentle yet effective cleansing.

If the skin is slow and sluggish and needs waking up a little we can highly recommend using our Reveal wash with AGA’s glycol  and citric acid wash. We have called it Reveal because it reveals the newer more youthful cells beneath.

Protect from RGA Skin

Skin needs protection from the outside elements in particular facial skin needs protection from the damaging UVA rays from the sun even in the winter. Applying a daily moisturiser with SPF is essential to keep skin nourished hydrated and protected. If I could only have one skincare product it would be our Protect SPF20.

If you need to step up hydration rather than using a richer cream which may feel heavy on the skin for the day the best way to boost the skins natural processes our signature serum Rejuvenate does just that. It helps stimulate skin cell production

Recover from RGA Skin

When skin gets a little older or when you are subjecting in to harsh conditions. This is when its a good idea to add some extra richer hydrating products. This can be done at night so as your sleep your skin recovers from the stress of the day like the rest of the body. The ingredients can be more concentrated and is a little richer as you have no need to put on make up.

Vitamin C10

Countless products have vitamin C simply because it has a great proven track record so this is included as a serum in our range. Our C10 contains a safe and stable form of vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant. Skin benefits from this extra help when it is recovering from dehydration or being in the sun, or simply when it just needs a treat.

Refine for eyes

The skin around the eye area is a little thiner and more delicate than the rest of the face. So for a special treat add our Refine intensive eye serum into the routine. It has some very gentle resurfacing ingredients to help with lines and crows feet along with balancing nutrients to help hydrate the are.

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