Why choose Rachel Goddard Aesthetics

You will find that treatments are carried out in some instances by beauty therapists or other non-medically trained staff. We only employ nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors to carry out our treatments. We are a dedicated clinic, not a beauty salon.

An invasive treatment should be carried out by someone who has an in depth knowledge of anatomy and nerve pathways; one incorrect injection could lead to a palsy or vascular necrosis. This is why we at Rachel Goddard Aesthetics lead the way in providing a professional service to all our clients.

We have built an enviable reputation through 14 years of providing this service. A service that has led to our nomination and winning of many industry awards. To draw an analogy, would you go to the local baker if you needed dental work? No. It is not an exaggeration when we say that these procedures need to be administered by competent practitioners with a nursing or medical qualification.

It is for these reasons that Rachel Goddard Aesthetics urge you to gain treatment at a clinic where all professional steps have been taken. If you decide not to use the services that our clinic offers, then please use a dedicated clinic that adheres to the standards as set out by the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, or the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors.

As a final note of caution, if you find that a treatment is more affordable elsewhere, then ask yourself why it is. Clinics like ours have invested heavily in equipment and best training practice. Rachel is a leading figure in the aesthetics world and demands the best from her staff.