I am starting to write my first blog after 12 years of being in business. It is interesting as there is so much to say about the business. So I guess the best place to start is why, what, where and how.


I have created the clinic to be a sanctuary where clients don’t feel rushed. I also wanted it to provide a place that is approachable and friendly. It was not until I began writing this first blog I realised all my reasons for creating it. It’s not easy to walk through the door if you have never been to a clinic before, and we understand that. At the root of everything was the clinical safety of the treatments. It is critical everything we offer is effective.  As a nurse, clean and safe had to be at the heart of everything we are to offer. Finding the right team was also a very important part of the equation.


We offer the treatments we are familiar with and the ones we like. All the team developed skills over a period of time and these treatments became our most popular. Injections of dermal fillers and Botox were becoming popular. Other treatments were being talked about, such as the use of Radio frequency for skin tightening. So we added these over the years.

I was selected to teach other medical professionals to inject. This meant I was lucky to attend so many training opportunities as a member of the Allergan team of trainers in the UK.

As time has passed I have been able to confidently add the treatments I believe in. I have tried  them out on myself and others to be sure they work.


13 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom

The building itself is perfect it’s in a rural village setting. However it is near to major cities and easy to get to. It is a superb place to visit too with its unique shops cafes and restaurants. We found this old Historical building, it was a bookshop over 300 years ago so its steeped in history. In the past it was thought to be frequented by Victorian local entrepreneurs, the Grant Brothers. (These Printers are the characters Charles Dickens based his Cheeryble Brothers on in Nicholas Nickleby.)

It is old and has character and its solid, so the walls are nice and thick giving it a feeling of privacy. We renovated and started off with just the downstairs. However as we have grown we have taken over the space upstairs. I have collected treasures along the way and they are on the walls and around the clinic.


A New Look for 2016

We rebranded this September – to be more specific we defined the brand we had. I wanted to take the calming and restful ambience to a new level, I could not find the exact colour I wanted so I even approached an award winning French artist to create us the colour I had in my mind, so I now have my own colour “Rachel”! We had a new website, I am starting my first blog and we are now recreating some of our literature and sharing more on social media – follow us and like us.

The clinic is busy and we are even trying to get our patients to book early for Christmas which is very organised.


2016 has been an amazing year so far the clinic was awarded a service award by what clinic which we were proud of and then `I was given the award Aesthetic Nurse of the Year by the Safety in Beauty Campaign  which is an honour. This is a national award and I am so proud to be selected from all hundreds of nurses in the field, bringing it home to Lancashire is just perfect.

Where will we go for 2017 watch this space now I have created my first blog I will be adding more…..

 A Quote from Dickens seemed so perfect 

For nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy, that we can scarcely mark their progress.


Christmas Decor

Looking festive for the season

From Nicholas Nickleby